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Born out of a love to burn

Hi there! I'm Katherine!  And I am so happy you're here.  Let me tell you a little bit about how Embers&Blooms was born. 


My hands have always been drawn to making beauty.  It is my chosen career path in fact.  As a hairstylist, its my passion to spread joy to others in a simple way, reminding them that life is beautiful.  So when I had to take a step back from that to protect my guests from Covid-19, I had to find a way to express that passion. I was spending my days pouring candles for friends and taking time to tend to my garden.  I would pick a bunch of blooms, light a homemade candle, and savor the moment.  But as we know, fresh flowers die after they bloom, so I decided to give them an extended life by combining the two.  The combination of a handpoured candle made with only the cleanest ingredients and adorned with hand pressed flowers was too breath taking not to share with the world, so Embers & Blooms was born.

Embers & Blooms HQ 2021-44.jpg
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