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Want 10% off your next order?

We could take the 'normal' route with our candles.  The route where you love your candle, burn it down, toss it in the recycle, it gets broken down and reformed to be molded into more candle jars which we then purchase to use.  We could do that.  Or, we could offer you 10% off your next order if you bring your jars back!  Help us eliminate a few steps by giving your candle jars another life and receive 10% off your next order!  

Embers & Blooms 20-244.jpg
Embers & Blooms 20-286.jpg

Bring your jars back is perfect for San Diego locals.  If your candles were shipped to you, don't fret!  Follow our social accounts for inspiration on how to reuse your candle jars in fun and functional ways.

Be the example the world needs and shop sustainably.

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